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Date: Sun, 25 Jun 1995 07:41:32 UTC
Subject: Don (M/M)
Lines: 173z
z Yet another (#1827653) story donated to the denizens of A. S. S.
z by the everlovin'
z ... M e r c u r y ...
z ..."C-C-Catch me if you can!"... and in a blinding flash
z he was gone, his winged feet soaring down Olympus, taking
z Ganymede with him, and Zeus was stuck with Hera. "ARGH!!!!!,"
z Zeus bellowed, and so Thunder was created for the first time.
z erotic story lolita nymphet --Ancient Greek Myth
z O tan-faced prairie boy,
z Before you came to camp came many a welcome gift,
z Praises and presents came and nourishing food, till at last
z among the recruits,
z You came, taciturn, with nothing to give - we but look'd
z on each other,
z When lo ! more than all the gifts of the world you gave me.
z -- Walt Whitman
z Notes :
z 1. I did not write this story and do not know who did.
z 2. If you're a biW/A m/f 18-24 looking for friends, write.
z 3. VOTE in the next election!
Fantasies of Don I go home to visit my family two or three times a year. This
coming September it will have been ten years since I moved to New
York City from a small town outside of Pittsburgh.
I have two college buddies there whom I always make an
effort to see. Their names are Ted and Don. Within the past
couple of years, both have married and seem to be very happy
after having relinquished the status of heavily sought-after
On a visit home last year, the three of us planned an
evening on Ted's boat with a case of ice-cold beer and a half-
gallon of white wine. Don's wife had gone to Florida to see some
family, and Ted's wife was out of town on a business trip. It was
just the guys.
When Ted and i got to his boat, Don was already sipping a
brew. He was clad in only a pair of old navy-blue shorts. I had
always been curious as to how big Don's cock was. In college, it
seemed that he had lolita boy child nude
a steady supply of cunts to slide his dick
into. Maybe I had been a little jealous, since I always wanted it
in my mouth.
I positioned myself in the boat so that I was sitting across
form Don -- with a direct view of the massive bulge in his
crotch. When I realized he was wearing no underwear, I kept
hoping that one of his balls or the pink head of his dick could
be seen through one of the wide leg openings of his shorts. But,
much to my dismay, nothing.
After several beers, each of us had to take a mean piss, so
over the side it went. While Don was pissing, I wanted to take a
glance at his cock, although I would have much preferred having
it in my mouth.
I had been lusting after Don ever since he and Ted lived
across the hall from me in the college dorms. He was about five-
eleven with dark brown hair and eyes, and a moustache which
covered a very sensuous mouth. A softly rugged guy with an
exceptionally nice body, Don was also very low-key, which added
to the cool sexiness about him. Plain and simple, he was very
much my type -- a real hot son of a bitch -- and I wanted his
cock rammed down my throat.
After cruising the river for about four hours, we decided to
head back to the dock. During the return trip, and much to my
surprise, Don stood up, took off his shorts, and put on a pair of
tight jeans and a tee shirt. As much as I wanted to look at his
dick, I didn't. I just turned my head.
After getting the boat docked and covered, the three of made
our way to the parking lot. Ted went on ahead to the car, and I
waited for Don to put on his sneakers.
The two of us resumed young models lolita nn walking, and halfway to the parking
lot, Don stopped dead in front of me, grabbed and squeezed the
top portion of my arm, then looked dead straight into my eyes and
said, "you know, I have a stiff cock that needs taking care of."
As quickly as it happened, the incident ended. I was stunned at
such an announcement! I said to myself, Did I hear him correctly?
But I was one hundred per cent sure that's what he had said. I
was in a state of shock for the remainder of the walk back.
As we got closer to the cars, he asked if I was sober enough
to drive home. He knew I had about an hour and a half drive, and
extended an invitation to spend the night at his place. tiny lolly pop lick (He only
lived about thirty-five minutes away.) He said it would be no
problem, since Joan, his wife, was away. I was really tempted.
I was so fucking horny after spending the evening with him.
All I kept thinking about was him lying naked, spread-eagle on
his bed, and me licking his armpits, sucking his nipples and
cock, and then eating his asshole.
After the cars were lolita boy child nude packed, Don got into his Subaru wagon,
while Ted and I stood outside the driver's door saying out good-
byes. We discussed my next visit home and how great it was to see
everyone. Again Don asked me to spend the night, using the excuse
about me getting there okay -- ninety nine percent of me said
yes, one percent said no. I then walked Ted over to his car,
shook hands, and said good-bye to him, too.
I realized Don hadn't left yet, and made an excuse to go
back to his car again. I wanted to shake his hand again but
actually I wanted to shake more than just his hand! As I said my
final good-bye, Don, with his big, soft brown eyes looking
straight at me, asked again if I would come home with him. I
still said, "No thanks," that I could get home safely. Why I said
no, I will never know.
We all departed together, then at the first red light, Ted
and Don made a left, and I made a right. I drove about twenty
minutes, and then I had to go onto the Pennsylvania Turnpike to
complete my journey. little girl rape lolita After getting my ticket at the toll booth,
I decided to pull off onto the side of the road and take my
clothes off. It was a cool summer night, and I was too hot,
sexually -- I had to simmer down.
As I got real shy lolita videos
back on the turnpike and continued to drive, the
cool are felt good, especially when it was blowing against my
erect cock and balls, but all I thought about was me blowing Don.
I'd made a big mistake by not going home with him.
As I neared my exit, I realized that I was still naked, so I
stopped to put on my shorts and tee shirt before getting on the
ramp. By the time I got to the tool booth, I really was very,
very horny, and ready to explode.
I decided that if I didn't shot my load in the next few
minutes, my nut-sac was going to burst. Even real shy lolita videos
the vibrations of
the moving car were now young models lolita nn stimulating my nuts.
I turned off the highway onto a dark country road. I was
trying to located the perfect spot to beat my meat. First, I
thought of an open field, where I could easily take off my
clothes and jerk off. But for some reason, nothing was
acceptable. I drove a little further, until I came to a shopping
center. This was it!
The parking lot was barren and very dimly lit. Only a few
lights form the stores shone on the parking lot. The thought of
masturbating in a public place got me going even more.
I got out of the car and took off my tee shirt, then slid my
shorts down to the ground, unleashing my throbbing hard-on. I
decided to lie on the windshield. I can't remember when I've been
as sexually charged as I was that night. I guess it was a
combination of the warmth of the engine's hood against my ass,
the cool breeze gently blowing on my hot rod, and me fantasizing
about Don lowering his fat cock into my mouth. I kept thinking
about my nose nesting in his bush of soft brown pubic hair, his
low-hanging balls resting on my chin, and his ling thick cock
being shoved down my throat.
At first I'd wrap my arms around his ass, pulling him and
his manmeat as far inside me as possible. Then, with long, hard
thrusts, he'd force his cock down my throat until his body jerked
and he shot his load if thick cum into my mouth. I'd never want
that feeling to leave me. Finally, after years of wanting Don, my
dream would come true.
My short-lived fantasy quickly ended, however, when I began
jerking myself and then exploded with globs of steamy, hot cum. A
steady stream of semen was oozing from the head of my dick,
running down the shaft, and covering my tingling balls. I can't
explain the pleasure that was shooting through my body. I
thought, wow, what a fucking incredible orgasm! I wondered what
it would have been like had Don actually been there. Maybe I'll
find out soon, as I'm going back home in a couple of weeks to
visit... and this time, if the invitation is extended, he's
mine -- all mine!!!
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